Control of Slaughter-houses Act, 1964

Act 10 of 1964


Control of Slaughter-houses Act, 1964

Act 10 of 1964

  • Commenced on 28 February 1964
  • [This is the version of this document at 1 December 1998.]
An Act to control new slaughter-houses and provide for incidental matters.

1. Short title

This Act may be cited as the Control of Slaughter-houses Act, 1964.

2. Interpretation

In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires—animal” means bull, ox, cow, heifer, calf, sheep, lamp, goat, pig or other quadruped commonly used for human consumption;licence” means slaughter-house licence under this Act and “licensing”, “licensed” and “licensee” have corresponding meanings;Minister” means the Minister for Health;public officer” means person in the service of, or holding office under, the Government, whether the service is permanent or temporary, paid or unpaid.

3. Control of slaughter-houses

(1)No person shall slaughter any animal or cause it to be slaughtered, otherwise than at a licensed slaughter-house or a slaughter-house exempted under section 6.
(2)A person who contravenes subsection (1) shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding two hundred emalangeni, or, in default of payment thereof, imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year.

4. Application for slaughter-house licence

(1)An application for a licence shall be made by the proprietor in writing to the Minister, or such public officer as the Minister may, by notice published in the Gazette, depute for the purpose.
(2)An application shall contain such information and be accompanied by such documents as may be prescribed.

5. Slaughter-house licence

(1)The Minister or public officer deputed under section 4(1)(b) may issue a licence to the proprietor of a slaughter-house in accordance with this Act.
(2)A licence shall come into force on the date specified therein and, unless previously revoked or surrendered, shall expire on the next thirty-first day of December.
(3)There shall be paid such licence fee as may be prescribed.
(4)Subject to any conditions which may be prescribed for the purpose, the licence may contain such conditions relating to—
(a)the management and inspection of the slaughter-house,
(b)the method of slaughter of animals and the disposal of refuse, and
(c)the health and qualifications of individuals who may so slaughter,
as the Minister or, the public officer, as the case may be, may consider necessary.

6. Exemptions

(1)Slaughter-houses exempted for the purposes of section 3 are those—
(a)owned by the Government,
(b)not owned by the Government but in operation at the commencement of this Act, and
(c)exempted by the Minister by notice in the Gazette either unconditionally, or subject to such conditions as he may impose either generally or in any particular case.
(2)An exemption under subsection 1(c)(ii) shall cease to be of effect if a condition the exemption is not complied with.

7. Revocation or surrender of licence

(1)If the Minister considers that the public interest so requires, he may revoke a licence after giving the licensee an opportunity of being heard.
(2)The decision of the Minister under subsection (1) shall be final.
(3)A licence may be surrendered to the Minister and the person surrendering it shall be entitled to a refund of one-half of the fee if the unexpired portion of the licence is six months or more.

8. Transfer of licence

A licence shall only be transferred or assigned with the prior written consent of the Minister or such public officer as he may depute for the purpose, and subject to such conditions as he or that public officer may see fit to impose.

9. Regulations

The Minister may make regulations to carry out the purpose of this Act.
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