Swaziland Flags and Coat of Arms Act, 1968


Swaziland Flags and Coat of Arms Act, 1968

Act 36 of 1968

  • Assented to on 13 November 1968
  • Commenced on 29 November 1968
  • [This is the version of this document at 1 December 1998.]
An Act to prescribe the National Flag and Coat of Arms and His Majesty’s Royal Standard and provide for incidental matters.

1. Short title

This Act may be cited as the Swaziland Flags and Coat of Arms Act, 1968.

2. Interpretation

In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires —Coat of Arms” means the Coat of Arms referred to in section 5;Flag” means the Flag referred to in section 4;Minister” means the Minister of Local Administration;Royal Standard” means the Royal Standard of His Majesty the King referred to in section 3.

3. The Royal Standard (Schedule)

His Majesty’s Royal Standard shall be as specified in Part I of the Schedule.

4. The Swaziland Flag (Schedule)

The National Flag of Swaziland shall be as depicted in Part III of the Schedule.

5. The Coat of Arms (Schedule)

The Swaziland Coat of Arms shall comprise the Arms, Supporters and Motto set forth in Part II of the Schedule.

6. Amendment of Schedule

The Minister may amend the Schedule by notice in the Gazette:Provided that Part I of the Schedule shall not be amended without His Majesty’s prior written concurrence.

7. Regulations

The Minister may make regulations prescribing objects on which, places where, and times during which, the Flag may or may not be flown, prohibiting the use of torn or dirty flags on any object or at any place, and prohibiting or controlling the use of any object or thing resembling the Flag, the Coat of Arms or the Royal Standard and such regulations may —
(a)provide that a person who contravenes a regulation shall be guilty of an offence; and
(b)prescribe the maximum punishment, not exceeding four hundred rand or imprisonment for one year, which may be imposed on conviction therefor.[Amended K.O-I-C. No. 6/1973]


Part I (Section 3)

The Flag with a lion d’or statant in the centre of the topmost horizontal azure stripe.

Part II (Section 5)

Arms: Azure surmounting and to the dexter of two spears points upward a Swazi shield proper. The escutcheon ensigned by the headdress of the Emasotsha Regiment comprised of the umchele and tiphondvo proper.Supporters: On the dexter side a lion statant gardant and on the sinister side an African Elephant statant both proper.Motto: SIYINQABA.as depicted below —

Part III (Section 4)

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