Conferment of Honours Act, 1970

Act 42 of 1970


Conferment of Honours Act, 1970

Act 42 of 1970

  • Assented to on 20 October 1970
  • Commenced on 30 October 1970
  • [This is the version of this document at 1 December 1998.]
An Act to make provision for the conferment of honours by the award of orders, decorations and medals and for the regulation of their design, style, description, order and manner, and the occasions of wear of such orders, decorations and medals.

1. Short title

This Act may be cited as the Conferment of Honours Act, 1970.

2. His Majesty the King may confer honours

(1)His Majesty the King may at any time by notice in the Gazette institute, constitute and create such titles, orders, decorations and medals as may be considered necessary or expedient.
(2)Such titles, orders, decorations or medals may from time to time be awarded by His Majesty to honour persons who have rendered outstanding or meritorious service to Swaziland.
(3)In exercising any of his powers under this section His Majesty shall act after consultation with the Prime Minister.

3. Acceptance of Foreign honours

No citizen of Swaziland shall accept a title, order, decoration, medal or other honour, save as provided in Section 2 unless he has the prior written permission of the Government to do so.

4. Regulations clause

The Prime Minister may make regulations to provide for—
(a)the design, style, and description of any title, order, decoration or medal or any miniature reproduction thereof, or any bar, clasp or ribbon in respect of any such order, decoration, or medal;
(b)the occasion and order of wear of any order decoration or medal, or any miniature reproduction thereof, or any such bar, clasp or ribbon;
(c)the cancellation or annulment of the conferment of any title, order, decoration or medal;
(d)offences in connexion with titles, orders, decorations or medals; and
(e)generally, the implementation of the objects of this Act.
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