Railway (Gratuities) Scheme Order, 1977


Railway (Gratuities) Scheme Order, 1977

Act 40 of 1977

  • Assented to on 1 December 1977
  • Commenced on 6 December 1977
  • [This is the version of this document at 1 December 1998.]
A King’s Order-in-Council in order to amend certain rules of the Railway Gratuities Scheme.

1. Short title

This King’s Order-in-Council may be cited as the Railway (Gratuities) Scheme Order, 1977.

2. Interpretation

In this Order—Railway Gratuity Scheme” means the Deed of Trust entered into on the 9th February, 1966 and the 31st day of March, 1966 before Peter Joseph Braun, Notary Public of Swaziland, between Leonard Arthur Wyon Hawkins in his capacity as Chief Executive Officer of the Swaziland Railway on behalf of the Swaziland Railway and the said Leonard Arthur Wyon Hawkins, Elton Spence Bowman and Peter Barnes in their capacities as Trustees for the Trust, known as the Swaziland Railway Gratuity Scheme;Rules” means the rules of the Scheme set out in the Schedule to the Deed of Trust referred to in the definition of Railway Gratuity Scheme;Scheme” means the Railway Gratuity Scheme.

3. Amendment of Rule 9

Rule 9 is replaced by the following Rule which shall be deemed to be a part of the Scheme


After five years of service a member shall be paid the contributions paid into the Scheme on his account.”

4. Repeal of Rule 12

Rule 12 is hereby repealed.

5. Exemption from taxation

The Trustees of the Scheme are hereby exempted from payment of income tax or other tax on the receipts and accruals to them as a result of interest earned by the Trust pursuant to any investments effected by them in terms of Rule 7.

6. Indemnification of Trustees

The Trustees are hereby indemnified by the Government of the Kingdom of Swazi­land against any claims which may be made against them in respect of any alleged breach by them of the terms of the Trust Deed as a result of the amendments effected to the Rules by this Order.
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