Swazi National Council Standing Committee Decree 1999

Act 1 of 1999


Swazi National Council Standing Committee Decree 1999

Act 1 of 1999

  • Assented to on 12 April 1973
  • Commenced on 17 November 1998
  • [This is the version of this document from 17 November 1998 and includes any amendments published up to 1 December 1998.]
  • [Note: The original publication document is not available and this content could not be verified.]
In exercise of the powers vested in me by the King’s Proclamation to the Nation of 12th April, 1973, I, Mswati III Ngwenyama of Swaziland hereby issue the following Decree.

1. Citation and commencement

This Decree may be cited as the Swazi National Council Standing Committee Decree 1999 and shall be deemed to have come into force on the 17th November, 1998.

2. Establishment of the Standing Committee

(1)There is hereby established a Standing Committee to be known as the Swazi National Council Standing Committee (hereinafter referred to as “the Standing Committee”).
(2)[Section 2(2) which contained the names of the initial 22 members of the Committee has been excluded.]
(3)The Ingwenyama may appoint a person to act as Chairman or Secretary to the Standing Committee.
(4)Notwithstanding subsection (5)(a) of this section the appointing authority may at any time and in his discretion dissolve the Standing Committee or remove and replace any member, Secretary or Chairman of the Standing Committee.
(5)Members of the Standing Committee shall—
(a)hold office for a period of five years or such other period as the Ngwenyama may determine;
(b)retain their positions wherever they were or employed prior to appointment to the Standing Committee;
(c)be entitled to such remuneration the Ngwenyama may determine.

3. Functions of the Standing Committee

(1)The Standing Committee shall advise the Ngwenyama on all matters—
(a)regulated by Swazi Law and Custom and connected with Swazi tradition and culture;
(b)referred to it from time to time by the Ngwenyama,
with a view to ensuring good governance and building a coherent and integrated Swazi Nation.
(2)In the performance of its functions, the Standing Committee shall be responsible to the Ngwenyama and answerable to the Swazi National Council.
(3)The operations of the Standing Committee shall fall within the structures of the Swazi National Council.

4. Quorum

The quorum of the Standing Committee shall be at least half of its membership.

5. Rules of procedure

Subject to this Decree and the Swazi National Council, the Standing Committee may determine its won rules of procedure.

6. Repeal of Decree No. 1 of 1996

Decree No. 1 of 1996 is repealed.
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