Continuation of Period Order, 1973


Continuation of Period Order, 1973

Kings Order in Council 39 of 1973

  • Assented to on 5 October 1973
  • Commenced on 12 October 1973
  • [This is the version of this document at 1 December 1998.]
A King’s Order-in-Council to provide for the extension of the period referred to in the Second Decree of the King’s Proclamation.

1. Short title

This King’s Order-in-Council may be cited as the Continuation of Period Order, 1973.

2. Continuation of Period

The period of six months referred to in the Second Decree by the King in collaboration with the Council, as set out in the King’s Proclamation made before the Nation on the 12th April, 1973 is hereby extended and shall continue to remain of full force and effect until amended or revoked by the King by publication in the Gazette.
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History of this document

01 December 1998 this version
12 October 1973
05 October 1973
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