Exchange Control Order, 1974


Exchange Control Order, 1974

Kings Order in Council 40 of 1974

  • Assented to on 6 November 1974
  • Commenced on 30 December 1974
  • [This is the version of this document at 1 December 1998.]
A King’s Order-in-Council to permit the regulation of the purchase, sale and loan of foreign currency, gold and securities.

1. Short title

This King’s Order-in-Council may be cited as The Exchange Control Order, 1974.

2. Interpretation

In this Order, unless the context otherwise requires—foreign currency” means any currency other than currency which is legal tender in Swaziland;Minister” means the Minister for Finance and Economic Planning;security” means shares, stock, bonds, debentures, debenture stock, unit certificates and includes any letter or other document conferring or containing any evidence of rights in respect of any security.

3. Regulations

(1)The Minister may in consultation with the Central Bank of Swaziland, make regulations in regard to any matter directly or indirectly relating to the control of the purchase, sale and loan of foreign currency, gold and securities.
(2)Such regulations may provide that the Minister may apply any sanctions therein set forth which he thinks fit to impose, whether civil or criminal.
(3)The Minister may exempt from stamp duty any document made for the sole purpose of complying with any such regulation.
(4)The Minister shall cause a copy of every regulation made under this section to be laid before the legislative body of Swaziland as soon as is practical, but his failure or neglect to do so timeously shall not affect the validity of such regulation.

4. Repeal

The Exchange Control Act, No. 98 of 1949 is hereby repealed.
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