Formax Eswatini (pty) Ltd vs Afrotim Construction (pty) Ltd (3091 of 2021) [2023] SZHC 586 (25 September 2023)

Case summary

The  Plaintiff  and  the  Defendant  entered  into  an oral agreement for the letting and hiring of formwork equipment and other contingencies. Defendant admitted that an amount of E457 922-34 (Four hundred and fifty seven thousand, nine hundred and twenty two emalangeni thirty four cents) remained unpaid to the Plaintiff whilst the Plaintiff claimed that an amount of E539,009-22 (Five hundred and thirty nine thousand, nine emalangeni twenty two cents) remained unpaid. The difference of E81 086- 86 (Eighty one thousand and eighty six emalangeni, eighty six cents) remained in dispute for trial.

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