Enduma Development Corporation (Pty) Ltd v Dlamini and others (2331-2023) [2023] SZHC 606 (8 November 2023)

Case summary

The Applicant signed a Notarial Lease with lngwenyama
In Trust for the Swazi Nation for a period of 45 years, 
Land being farml031 situate in the Hhohho district
sharing boundaries with Eswatini Nation Land under 
Chief Sipho Shong,ve of Motshane. An application to
interdict the Respondents from encroaching, occupying
and/or ploughing the leased land. The Respondents
claimed that the High Court lacks jurisdiction to hear and 
determine the matter and that the matter should be dealt
 with by Eswatini Traditional Authorities.

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