THE KING V DLAMINI AND OTHERS (299 of 2023) [2023] SZHC 640 (14 December 2023)

Case summary

Criminal  Law  and  Procedure  -  Accused  charged with murder- The crown and the defence signed a statement  of agreed.facts and the Accused persons pleaded guilty to culpable homicide - Court finds Accused persons  guilty on their own plea - Submission on aggravation and mitigation made by the respective counsel - Judgment on sentencing - Considerations thereof - All Accused made statements before judicial officers in terms of the CP&E­ Accused No.I was presented with numerous opportunities to cool down his anger - The assault meted out on the deceased which eventually caused the injuries that led to his death occurred after all the stolen items had been found - Reckless conduct on the part of the Accused - No need to have assaulted him. All Accused persons sentenced to 9 (nine) years without the option of a fine.

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