Dlamini and Others v A. G. Thomas (269 of 2013) [2023] SZIC 20 (31 March 2023)

Labour law---Applicants employed by the Respondent, a civil construction company---Respondent deploying tlte Applicants to go and work in its project in Botswana--­ Respondent failing to pay the Applicants certain benefits  including out of country allowance---Applicants raising a grievance---Respondent saying it was not legally obliged to pay out of country allowance---Respondent opting to summarily disniiss tlte Applicants---Applicants instituting proceedings demanding to be paid out of country allowance in terms of Regulation 14 (9) of Regulation of Wages (Building and Construction) Order--­ Respondent claiming that it ltas no legal obligation to pay tlte out of country allowance to the Applicants--- Interpretation of Regulation 14 ---Canons of interpretations restated

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