Swaziland Agricultural and Plantations Workers Union v Ubombo Sugar Limited (300/23) [2023] SZIC 35 (15 November 2023)

Urgent application- order inter alia compelling the Applicant employer to enter into collective bargaining negotiations for the year 2023-2024 sought- application opposed by the Respondent who  raises two points in limine, which are the contention that the Applicant's application needs to be stayed pending the outcome of an application filed by the Respondent seeking it to have the Applicants recognition by the Respondent as a representative of its employees within the bargaining unit cancelled on the ground that the Applicant is highly factionalised which makes it impossible for the Respondent to know with certainty which is the faction  that it has to deal with. The other point is that the matter is not urgent and that such urgency as sought to be relied upon is of the Applicant's own making.

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