Dlamini vs. Central Bank of Eswatini and Another (279/2022) [2023] SZIC 38 (9 October 2023)

Applicant  filed  an urgent application  against  the Respondents  seeking an order staying the judgment of the court pending an appeal noted by him at the Industrial Court of Appeal. The impugned decision of the Court held that one of three disciplinary charges preferred against the Applicant was not time-barred. The basis  of  the appeal  is  that since the court held that the three charges were connected, it should have found that all the charges were  time-barred  because  the  upheld charge emanated from the defimct  charges.  ]''  Respondent  opposed the application and contended that the requirements of the grant of a stay were not established. Principally, the ]'' Respondent argued  that the appeal lacked prospects of success and was frivolous because it impugned factual findings of the court.

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