Nkarnbule vs Lidwala Insurance Company (375 of 2022) [2023] SZIC 9 (3 March 2023)

The Applicant alleges that he received a letter from the Human Resources Executive on the 24th October 2022, inviting him to a consultation meeting at the Human Resources Offices at 8:30a.m on the 25th October 2022. Wherein he was advised that his position was now redundant. The Applicant argues that this amounted to a short notice, and further that the Respondent unilaterally and arbitrary took a decision to repudiate the permanent contract of employment in a hasty manner and without positively engaging the Applicant in the process. The court is now called upon to decide whether or not the decision by the Respondent with regards to notifying and engaging the Applicant can be said to be within bounds of the law

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