Car Point (Pty) Ltd vs lntamakuphila Transport (Pty) Ltd and Another In re: Jntamakuphila Transport (Pty) Ltd and Another vs Car Point (Pty) Ltd (60/2023) [2024] SZSC 7 (28 March 2024)

Civil procedure -  Application to declare appeal deemedabandoned in terms of Rule 30 (4) - Appeal filed after expily of dies in terms of Rule 8 (1) -  In terms of  Rule 8
(2) which is peremptory Registrar of Supreme Court not to file any notice of appeal after such expily unless leave to appeal out of time has been sought and granted - Registrar erroneously accepted late notice of appeal and appeal thus improperly before this Court - No application for condonation to explain non-compliance with the Rules -Appeal struck out- Costs awarded to the applicant.

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