Khathwane and Another v Matadar Investments (Pty) Ltd and Others (88/2023) [2024] SZSC 8 (3 April 2024)

Case summary

Appeal - spoliation - ruling by Umphakatsi - a valid Umphakatsi ruling or order in lieu of a court order would suffice for purposes of adjudicating spoliation proceedings

Appeal - spoliation - ruling by Umphakatsi inapplicable to person or persons occupying or on premises sought to be evicted - in circumstances ruling cannot serve to ward off spoliation

Appeal - costs order - certified costs of Counsel - Rule 68(2) of the Rules of the High Court requires an application and that court be satisfied of certain requirements - order for such costs not merely there for the taking - in absence of such application, awarding of such costs not competent

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