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Partnership- Universal partnerships-Applicant married to deceased in terms of siSwati customary law - Deceased already married to Respondent by civil rites under the Marriage Act 1964 - Whether such marriage in community of property

Criminal law - murder Three Accused set out to attack the deceased at his ho

the applicant claiming to be acting in term of section 148 (1) of the constitution instituted proceedings under a certificate of urgency seeking the following reliefs:

1. Dispensing with the rules relating to urgency and hearing this matter on an urgent basis.

Law of delict –actio legis acquiliae - Defendant denies liability – Plaintiff’s case hinges on an alleged apology made by the Defendant to the Plaintiff, followed by the latter purchasing some parts of the  damaged motor vehicle- Defendant explained the gesture as an act of altruism -  legal principles applicable in an application from the instance visited

Civil Law and Procedure – Whether the High Court misdirected itself in granting Summary Judgment – Whether vis major and impossibility of performance were established by the Appellants and the consequences thereof – Whether the surety agreement  relied upon by the Respondent is lawful – The  application of  the in duplum principle – Held that there was no bona fide defence to resist the Application for Summary Judgment and that the High C