Most Recent Judgments

Civil procedure -  Appeal -  Appeal,  Application  for extension of time and Condonation of late filing of Heads of Argument and Bundle of Authorities all having been overtaken by events - Applicant urging Court to determine abstract issue

The plaintiff sued out combined summons, claiming the sum of E900 000. 00 together with interest and costs of suit. The causa was defamation.

civil appeal - court a quo held the prevention of organised crimes Act, 2018 (POCA) to be non-retroactive - section 119 and section 238 of the constitution discussed...

Civil law -   Regional Administrator  Lubombo  Region  replaced one holder of a sugar quota with another - interdict sought to give effect to such order and granted by court a quo without considering  points in limine -  new points of/aw raised on appeal

landlord and tenant - lease - tenant sued for rent accrued - tenant claimed to have been deprived of beneficial occupation that resulted in the vacation of the business premises. test for tenat's liability for rent considered. 

Civil law and Procedure - Application for Leave to Appeal against an interlocutory order of the High Court per Section 14 (1) (b) of the Court of Appeal Act 74 of 1954.

Civil appeal - spoliation proceedings - Appellant deprived of its peaceful and undisturbed possession of a truck that had been taken in for repairs. the truck was taken from the panel beaters premises by the 1st and 2nd respondents without the appellant's consent or on order of court.

delict - defamation - high court dismissing an action for defamation - appeal - appellant alleging that high court misdirected itself in dismissing the action - Appellant further alleging that article false and inaccurate.

criminal law - appropriate verdict murder or culpable homicide. Appellant chasing after deceased and catching him. victim overpower and felled to the ground. Victim repeatedly and viciously assaulted by the appellant with a baton, inter-alia, on the head and chest whilst lying helplessly on the ground. injuries fatal.

civil appeal - action damages arising from publication of defamatory article - before plaintiff complains defendants retract article and offer unconditional apology - plaintiff sues for damages

Customary law - Distribution   of  estate  of  deceased person married according to

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