Sahi Investment (Pty) Ltd and Others v Eswatini Revenue Authority and Others (48/2021) [2023] SZSC 15 (23 May 2023)

Case summary

Civil Law - Civil  Appeal  -  Civil  Contempt  of  Court  - requirements thereof-Discussed- Standard of proof- beyond reasonable doubt - inference of willfulness and ma/a fides - rebuttal on a balance of probabilities - failure to rebut case is prove beyond reasonable doubt - committal to prison justified where contenmor persists with contempt of Court - Imposition of fine also justified, depending on circumstances surrounding each case - Committal to prison is to persuade contemnor to comply with Court Order - Fine is further justified as contempt is also a crime committed against the Court for injuring its dignity and attempting to render the judicial system meaningless and useless.

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